Monday, 7 October 2013

Class 5 is now available

The lessons for Class 5, the last in our course, are now available on the course website:

Class 5 broadens out to consider some more general issues. It's a short week, with just four topics: 
  • 5.1: The data mining process
  • 5.2: Pitfalls and pratfalls
  • 5.3: Data mining and ethics
  • 5.4: Summary
The post-course assessment opens on Wed Oct 9. Everything will remain open for one further week, until Sunday Oct 20, when the course will be closed.
We will also ask you to complete a survey for your opinions of the MOOC. 
We will probably run the course again, perhaps in late summer -- I mean NZ summer! -- maybe in March 2014. And we are contemplating a follow-up MOOC that covers topics we couldn't fit into this course. But our ability to continue with MOOCs will depend on the success of this one, and the number of people who complete it successfully will be a key metric. Thus I once again urge you to do the assessments for my sake, if not your own :-)

Please keep up the help on the course forum -- we greatly value your assistance.
We'll soon put out a short (optional) video to discuss a few issues that have arisen in Class 4.

cheers, and enjoy the remainder of the course!

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