Tuesday, 24 May 2016

Class 5 is now available

The lessons for Class 5, the last in our course, are now available on the course website:


Class 5 is about scripting. People who use Weka a lot always want to be able to write scripts to do the work, instead of all this clicking. Well, you can! You can

  • write Weka scripts in Python from within the Explorer interface
  • write Weka scripts in Groovy, a Java-based scripting language, in the same way
  • set up the Python Weka wrapper so that you can access the Weka code from within your own Python installation. 
The third option requires to have your own Python installation, which is simple on Linux but not so simple on other operating systems, and that's up to you -- we don't show you how to do it. But the other two options are immediately available from within Weka when you install the corresponding packages. It's easy!

The post-course assessment is also now open. The videos, slides and transcripts will remain available at YouTube, and the "Materials" site:

There is also a post-course survey for your opinions of the MOOC.

We will run all three of these courses, “Data Mining with Weka,” “More Data Mining with Weka,” and
“Advanced Data Mining with Weka,” again, but are not yet sure when

cheers, and enjoy the remainder of the course!



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