Monday, 13 July 2015

'Data Mining with Weka' available as self-paced course

Welcome to "Data Mining with Weka".

Unlike previous sessions the course is now being offered on a self-paced basis. All the material, activities and assessments are available now until 23rd October 2015 at:

We are not providing any tutorial, help or assistance during this session. Also, we will not generate any Statements of Completion until after 23rd October.

The course includes the following resources:

  •  the Weka software; Lesson 1.2 gives downloading instructions (we are using version 3.6.11)
  •  videos, one per lesson, on YouTube
  •  the videos include captions (English and Chinese), which can be turned on in YouTube
  •  slides used in the videos (PDF format)
  •  text files containing transcripts of the videos
  •  activities that follow each lesson
  •  access to selected excerpts from Data Mining (3rd Edition) - plus you can buy a discounted copy from the publisher
  •  announcement forumblogtwitter feed (available from the course website)

for Chinese participants:

  •  videos on Youku
    • one version with captions in Chinese (another with English captions is available on our Youku channel)

Some notes for participants:

  • work through the videos and activities at your own pace, in your own time
  • please subscribe to the announcement forum if you haven't already done so: this is the best way to stay up-to-date with the course (click on Membership and email settings to subscribe)
  • only the mid-course and final assessments count towards the Statement of Completion
  •  feel free to install Weka in advance, but please ensure that you have version 3.6.11
  •  if you already know something about Weka, feel free to skip the first class (or two)
  •  during the videos, it may help to follow with Weka on your own computer ("click along with Ian")
  •  the course should take 2–3 hours/week (3–4 hours if you do the optional reading)
  • you can download the materials from

 Please help us by filling out the pre-course survey if you have not already done so.

Ian & the WekaMOOC team

any previous students who wish to volunteer as Community Teaching Assistants for this session are also welcome:


  1. Hello,

    Thank you for sharing this course. For what I have seen it is very interesting. I have found all the pdf's and downloaded all the youtube videos. However, I cannot find the activities which must be done at the end of every lesson. I understand that these should be available till the end of this course, october 23rd.

    Can you provide me with a link to these activities.

    Thank you very much.

    Erik Wesseling

  2. You need to be registered into the course to access the activities and assessment.

  3. OK, thx for your response.
    Ik thought I had registered myself. Let me look into this.

  4. Hello,

    I understand that you are not providing any help - but your site: appears to have been off line for several days. I had got up to week 3 by the end of September and had to take a break for a while. When I came back the site wasn't there. Will it be re-instated at some point soon?



  5. I was wondering when will the Statements of completion be available?

  6. Hello,
    I was a participant in your self-paced course and completed it with great interesest, so first and foremost, thanks for the work of putting together such a great introduction to Data Mining!
    After finishing the course in mid October I was aware that I would have to wait some time until my Statement of completion would arive, but as I hadn't gotten any notice until now, I began to wonder if there had been a problem.
    Sure enough I now noticed that the mid-course assessment was evaluated with 0 points, which now puts me on 67 points and out of consideration for a Statement of completion. I can assure you that I finished all of the tasks an submitted them in time, proof of this should be the post-course assessment which was saved an evaluated correctly.
    This is why I'm now trying to get in contact with you, to try and sort this out, because such a Statement of completion would mean a lot to me and as someone who spent put his time and effort into this course I believe i have earned it.
    I hope I chose the right adress for this matter and that someone will be able to help.

    With best regards
    Gabriel H


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