Friday, 11 April 2014

Enrolments open for "More Data Mining with Weka"

More Data Mining with Weka is finally open for enrolment, and will begin as scheduled on Mon 28 April. I apologise for the delay, and for missing the opening date on our website; life is more complicated than you can possibly imagine. (For example, our unseasonably long, lovely, warm, extended summer here in New Zealand meant that in the initial takes of the "trailer" video my voice was drowned out by crickets chirping.)

You do not have to have actually obtained a Statement of Completion for the introductory Data Mining with Weka MOOC to embark on More Data Mining with Weka, but you will certainly need equivalent knowledge.

In this second MOOC — even more than the first — you will do most of your learning in the Activities, and you should allow extra time for them because they’re a bit more challenging than before. Otherwise the format, and time commitment, is the same as the earlier course. Again, you do not have to complete the Activities to get a Statement of Completion: that’s based solely on your performance in the mid-class and end-of-class assessments.

There’s more information about the course in the trailer video: it’s informative, entertaining, and only about 3 minutes long.

 A detailed syllabus is available.

By the time you have finished this course you will be an expert on the use of Weka. Enrol at:


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