Monday, 9 September 2013

Welcome to 'Data Mining with Weka'

I'm pleased to announce that the course "Data Mining with Weka" has now commenced. The six lessons for Class 1 are available on the course website


We will release classes 2, 3, 4, and 5 at approximately the same time (Monday noon NZ time) in the upcoming weeks, and send reminder announcements. The course closes on Oct 20.
The course includes the following resources:
  •  the Weka software; Lesson 1.2 gives downloading instructions
  •  videos, one per lesson, on YouTube
  •  the videos include captions, which can be turned on in YouTube
  •  we recommend viewing in HD format, again a YouTube control
  •  slides used in the videos (PDF format)
  •  text files containing transcripts of the videos
    •  activities that follow each lesson
    • access to selected excerpts from Data Mining (3rd Edition) - plus you can buy a discounted copy from the publisher
  •  mid-course assessment (opens Sep 20, at the end of Week 2) 
  •  final assessment (opens Oct 9, during Week 5)
  •  discussion forum
  •  announcement forumblogtwitter feed (available from the course website)

for Chinese participants:
  •  videos on YouKu
    • one version with captions in Chinese (another with English captions is available on our YouKu channel)

Some notes for participants:

  •  work through the videos and activities at your own pace, in your own time
  •  a new class appears every week; old classes will remain available until the course closes
    •  in theory, you could leave all your learning to the last week (we don't recommend this!)
  •  only the mid-course and final assessments count towards the Certificate of Completion
  •  feel free to install Weka in advance, but please ensure that you have version 3.6.10
  •  if you already know something about Weka, feel free to skip the first class (or two)
  •  during the videos, it may help to follow with Weka on your own computer ("click along with Ian")
  •  the course should take 2–3 hours/week (3–4 hours if you do the optional reading).
Please help us by filling out the pre-course survey if you have not already done so. Finally, note that running a MOOC is a new experience for us! -- please bear with us if problems arise.
cheers, and good luck


  1. Great Course for someone starting off with Weka and Data mining. I would recommend going through the optional reading as well to make full use of the course and understand the concepts properly. Thanks Ian for running this course. Look forward to the advanced version.

  2. I found this course really practical, theory was quickly translated into practice. Thank you for the course.

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